Payment Terms

All works undertaken by contractors must adhere to our strict terms and conditions:

  1. All invoices must be made out to Tower BM Ltd.
  2. Invoices will not be paid unless received with correct paperwork, i.e. worksheet, certificate, report, pictorial evidence of completion.
  3. By accepting our purchase orders, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  4. Works approved are not to be subcontracted without specific email consent by a director.
  5. All payments will be made within a minimum of 30 days where money is received on behalf of the client specific to the works undertaken on the basis that all terms of the invoice have been met. Where payments are delayed on behalf of our clients, our terms of payment shall not exceed 90 days on the basis that all terms of the invoice have been met.
  6. The date of all invoices shall be assumed from the date of receipt into where all terms of the invoice condition have been met. Backdated invoices and those that are incomplete shall be ignored and a request for resubmission will be made once the invoice has been processed through queries.
  7. All project works above the value of £10,000 must be signed off by a manager or director.