Specialist Services

Energy Management

Energy costs are often treated as part of the fixed overheads by companies. However, by taking a different approach to energy management it is possible to make some excellent savings.

Increasingly, the world is using new types of energy sources and products to maximise efficiencies, which in turn has produced an enormous amount of evidence to support the fact that effective energy management really works, and in turn provides real cash back to the businesses that have made the change.

With the right help and advice the techniques are easy to adopt and appropriate to all types of businesses and organisations.

Tower can help you save money today, please call for professional and friendly advice…

Water Treatment Services

Tower can provide a wide range of Water Management services. In line with the latest legislations, we prides ourselves in delivering clear and workable reports in quick time, whilst offering specialist professional solutions.

  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Legionella Awareness Training
  • Legionella Control Regimes
  • Water Analysis
  • Legionella Remedial Works

We can also help in the management of cooling towers. We have a vast amount of experience in managing all types and sizes of cooling towers, keeping them safe and running efficiently. Our dedicated team will ensure you receive the best service and that your cooling tower remains compliant with the existing legislation.

Air Quality Management

Tower is able to help in providing strategies to help with the improvement of poor air quality. We can use help by providing mechanical ventilation options, non-opening windows, also NOx and NOs filters. We can also help with building redesign; this can often help our clients with planning approvals.

Over the years Tower has been able to help with a number of projects involving Schools, Care Homes and Hospitals all of which need special consideration in air quality.
Our complete Air Hygiene programme covers testing for ventilation air quality in compliance with TR/19, ensuring levels of cleanliness are maintained.
By vacuum test (V.T) or by deposit thickness test (D.T.T) to assess ventilation system surface conditions, we can establish if the system needs regular monitoring or cleaning.

Smoke Ventilation

Smoke Ventilation systems must adhere to current regulation BS7346: Part 1, 1990, BS9999:2008 BS5588 and (RRO) The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005. Each site requires 6 Monthly service schedule carried out by trained engineers and kept in good working order.

  • Complete system activation to check all correct operations
  • Replace all broken Switches and Break glasses
  • Test batteries and re-charging and change if required
  • Clean, Lubricate, and tighten all actuators, dampers and Louvers
  • Test operation of all Roof Ventilators
  • Test all Smoke Curtains
  • Test all Control Panels and any AuX Panels
  • Test all remote sensors (Including Climate controls)
  • Any repairs can be carried out during service, up to an agreed value
  • Check all power supplies


Diesel standby generators that are run only rarely on light load can build up fuel deposits in parts of the engine over time, which may leave your standby generator with reduced output when it is needed in an emergency.
Annual load testing is vital to ensure your diesel standby generator is fit for purpose when it matters, and some insurance companies demand it as part of their policies.
As well as providing the highest quality diesel and biodiesel generators and generator maintenance, we also provide:

  • Generator repair – contracted maintenance or one-off repairs
  • Commissioning services
  • UPS servicing
  • Electricity usage monitoring
  • Transformer Servicing